8 Healthy benefits of Masturbation to Ladies

8 Healthy benefits of Masturbation to Ladies

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There is nothing wrong with enjoying masturbation. It is a healthy, normal, and wonderful part of the human sexual experience.

However, for many women, it’s the last taboo. Women don’t talk about masturbation and some of them are still too ashamed to do it at all. But it’s time to let go of the guilt.

This is why women should masturbate more:

1. It’s physically good for you – Pleasure aside, orgasming has tons of health benefits. An orgasm boosts your immune system, relieves menstrual cramps, dulls body pain, and helps build resistance to yeast infections.

2. It’s mentally good for you – Having an orgasm releases endorphins, which boost your mood, relieve stress, and make you feel irresistibly awesome.

3. You can explore your erogenous zones – There are so many different ways to experience pleasure, and it’s not all about the clitoris. Masturbation allows you to explore your g-spot, nipples, neckline, inner thighs and every other pleasure zone of your body.

4. You learn your own preferences – Aside from learning where you like to be touched, you can learn how you like to be touched. Maybe you prefer swift, fast, hard motions or gentle, tickling, teasing sensations. Experiment to find what you like best.

5. It makes sex better – Once you know what, where and how you like to be touched you can bring those lessons into the bedroom with your partner. Tell or lead them to touch you how you like it for more pleasure during sex.

6. You maximize your orgasmic potential – Every time you orgasm, you’re working out your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles control the strength and control of your orgasms, and the stronger they are, the better your orgasms are.

7. You get to fully enjoy the experience – The pressure to please someone else is off,
so you really enjoy your solo time the way it was meant to be. With no performance anxiety, body hang-ups, or rush to intercourse you’re free to go at your own pace.

8. It’s empowering – Claiming your own sexuality, taking ownership of your pleasure, and acting on your desires is a key aspect of feeling empowered in your sexuality.

Once you start to love yourself – including maximizing your physical pleasure – it opens you up to love everything else about your life.

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