I will not appear before Rivers’ commission of enquiry- Amaechi

I will not appear before Rivers’ commission of enquiry- Amaechi

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Former Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi said yesterday that he would not appear before the Judicial Commission of Enquiry set up to investigate the sale of the state assets and other matters.

Describing the panel as illegal, he said there was a law on how to set up an administrative panel, pointing out that he will honour the panel’s invitation if Governor Nyesom Wike complies with the law.

Amaechi spoke yesterday while addressing supporters and members of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Rivers State in Port Harcourt.

“Why I don’t want to appear before panel. The panel is illegal. There is a law on how to set an administrative panel. Nyesom Wike has not complied with the law.

“When he complies with the law, I will appear to defend myself. He has not complied with the law. That is one.

Secondly, the rule of natural justice and fair hearing is not adhered to.

“You sit down and you tell a man, ‘go and find him guilty openly. He is guilty; go and investigate him’. Who is that man to investigate me when you had already told him what to do?

“In accordance with the rule of natural justice and fairness, you didn’t call a company or somebody who is independent and say go and investigate Amaechi’s government.

“What you say to him is to go and find him guilty and you say I should appear.

No, I will go to court. Let us keep our fingers crossed and pray. I don’t know how many of you are praying,” he said.

Amaechi added, “In 2007, you remember what I told you people? I said I fasted for 10 months and I cried to God. Nyesom Wike was not afraid of God in the past; he never went to church.

“As my Chief of Staff, he used to wear a cloth and he will say he is a Muslim. Today, he is going on bended knees to the same God we worship,” the former governor said.

He alleged that Wike has killed people and must be investigated, saying, “Wike must go back to remind God that that man (Wike) has taken souls and souls of many people.

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