How to recognize harmful kids’ toys?

How to recognize harmful kids’ toys?

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Toys literally surround the child from birth. Shop shelves are full of colorful packages and modern children have a lot of them, and everything would be fine, if not a “but.” Some toys are in fact not intended for children, and can become very dangerous. Sometimes it’s a question of quality, and sometimes it’s the manufacturer, who when constructing the toy forgets to assign the age limit for this or that toy.

Toys with small parts


Dangerous for the child may be small parts of construction sets, loosely glued small elements of soft toys, and fragile rattles with particulate filler. This may also include improvised newfangled toys to develop fine motor skills, involving going over the buttons, beads, cereals. All these items can be swallowed by a child, and in the worst case scenario – a child can put it into his/her nose, ear canal, or even swallow it.

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Magnetic constructors

For example, the “Neokub” is composed of magnetic metal balls. This toy is dangerous not only for the little kids. Magnetic attraction between the elements is so strong that even adults sometimes resort to “aid” of the teeth to separate the balls one from another. Swallowing a few balls of such cube is dangerous because in the digestive tract, they are attracted to each other, causing severe damage to internal organs, including the formation of through-holes.


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Toys made of PVC


Toys made of PVC are cheap, bright, very comfortable in keeping, but they are very dangerous for the child. Mainly because of the phthalates these substances are potent carcinogens. Another type of toys that contain harmful chemical compounds are the ones coated with phosphorus. These include various luminous applications and glowing figures of different characters. Quality toys of this kind include safety reflectors, but low-quality toys are covered with a poisonous phosphorus compounds.


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Kids weapons, darts

Most popular “boyish” toys are guns with pellets or disks, darts, bows and arrows, swords and sabers with sharp ends. And all of them can cause the child’s injury. By carelessness, the child can shoot him/herself in the face, injuring eyes or ears.


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Toys with propellers

Toys with a propeller (helicopters, flying fairies and others) that rotate rapidly, or even can fly around the room, are designed for teens. But a younger child could easily get injured by substituting the finger where it is not necessary.




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Rubber toys of toxic colors (China)

Rubber toys, in general, are not recommended  for children under 3 years old because the kids can bite, breathe in, or swallow a piece of rubber. The main signs of poor quality toys are a sharp chemical smell and the paint that leaves on the hands an “acid” color. These toys are very toxic, it is possible that in its composition they contain mercury, lead, or arsenic. Such substandard toys are typically Chinese.


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How to protect the child from danger

Although we’ve found out already how dangerous some toys are for children, parents will still keep buying them, which means that they are responsible for the safety of their kids. in this case, a few simple rules will help parents to encircle the child with the safe toys only.

Buy the toys that strictly correspond to the age of the child. Sometimes parents buy toys to make the child begin learning new actions in advance. In some cases, it can be very dangerous.

From its externaty, a toy must meet the essential requirements of safety: soothing colors, no pungent smell, strong construction of all the details.

The parents  themselves should not only be aware of the dangerous toys, but also must talk to other relatives who intend to bring any kind of toys to the child.

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