Prof David Iornem Gets American National Award for Service in Education

Prof David Iornem Gets American National Award for Service in Education

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Former Senator and management consultant, Senator Professor David Iornem, has bagged a US Presidential Council Award.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) which has been presented to Professor David Iornem, is a personalized certificate signed by President Barack Obama himself. Iornem also received the insignia (court of arms) of the United States of America as part of the award package.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award, according to information????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? derived from Wikipedia, was created by Former US President, George W. Bush, through an Executive Order in 2003 to recognize extraordinary voluntary service in important sectors such as sports, industry, food and nutrition, economic development, education, medicine, tourism and youth development. Prof David Iornem’s award is in the Education Category.

The US President’s Volunteer Service Award is managed by the US Corporation for National and Community Service and Points of Light Institute. It is bestowed on individuals and organizations by the President of the United States.

Professor David Iornem has expressed shock about the award, wondering how he came to be selected. “I really don’t know how the managers of the US Corporation of National and Community Service and Points of Light Institute of the United States identified me. This is the work of God and I return the honour to my God”, said Iornem. “I am dedicating the award to all my friends who have been the backbone of my voluntary service endeavours,” Iornem added

The President’s Service Award is given in categories, depending on the importance attached to the quality and nature of the service as determined by the President’s council. Iornem was given the highest award known as the President’s Call to Service (also called The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award). The President’s Call to Service Award is the most prestigious, and it has been granted to few individuals to recognize extraordinary devotion to voluntary service in critical sectors. Past recipients of the US President’s Call to Service Award include S. Truett Cathy, Zach Bronner, Brandon Pugh, Thomas Smith and Stanley Williams.

Honorees normally choose where they want to receive the award. Iornem chose to receive his own award at Dubai in the midst of delegates from eleven (11) countries who were attending the annual leadership summit.

Presenting the Award on behalf of President Barack Obama, Professor Dr George Reiff of the Business University of Costa Rica said the many hours that David Iornem spends every year in dedicated service to people cutting across America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia are unbeatable.

Prof George Reiff also commended Professor David Iornem for his preparedness and commitment to voluntary service in the field of management education.

It will be recalled that Professor David Iornem only just recently obtained a license to operate a private university in Benin Republic. The University is called “Ecole Superieure Universitaire Cotonou” and is fully accredited by the Benin Republic Commission for Private Universities to run degree programmes in Business Administration only.

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