Commonwealth University Belize Takes Bold Step in Degree Quality Assurance

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Commonwealth University has Achieved Degree Validation status from Ministry of Education Accredited Universities, Founder and Project Director of the Institution, Professor David Iornem, has announced.

The Commonwealth University has entered into strategic alliance partnerships with a number of Universities that are accredited in their home countries, based on regulations and rules of Ministry of Education sanctioned bodies in the respective countries. The strategic alliance confers the following quality assurance benefits:

  1. The education and instructional model of the Commonwealth University is assessed and accepted as providing a suitable, reliable and consistent process through which a quality graduate at each level can emerge (i.e. Bachelor, Master and Doctorate). In that sense the CUB has become a pathway (or access) to degrees of UNESCO listed partner universities. This is a strategic global breakthrough that has significant quality implications for CUB and its students.
  2. The work of each Commonwealth University student is assessed by the relevant Ministry of Education approved Alliance University. If the quality of the work is accepted as meeting the standards of the said Ministry of Education approved University, a second Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate Degree (as the case may be) will be issued by the said Ministry of Education approved University. This process is called variously as Degree Validation, Joint Degree Programme or Dual Degree Programme. It is a new trend in education marketing and distribution. If you Google “Dual Degree Programmes” or “Degree Validation Practice” or “Joint Degree Programmes”, you can access (and download) useful information that can assist you in further understanding this practice.
  3. After a student has completed the Commonwealth University study programme and paid all the relevant fees, he or she may apply for validation of his degree with the relevant Ministry of Education approved Alliance University. Each of the strategic alliance universities charges its own fees. Details are available on request. All the alliance Ministry of Education approved partner universities are listed in the UNESCO Handbook of Universities as well as in the Register/Directory of the International Association of Universities.

Benefits of the Dual Degree Quality Assurance

  1. By taking the bold step to submit its degree study model to other universities to assess and evaluate, the Commonwealth University has demonstrated that it believes in the quality of its work.
  2. The Commonwealth University is confident of the quality of work done by its students and is willing to subject that quality to a peer review process in a transparent manner to any Ministry of Education approved university in any country.
  3. The Commonwealth University student who pays for, and is put through the Dual Degree and Validation Process gets another degree of the same level from a Ministry of Education recognized and UNESCO listed university. This confers global recognition and global competitiveness.
  4. Students can study for their Commonwealth University degree from anywhere in the world, at their own pace, using distance learning-online blended system, and gain a Ministry of Education recognized degree through the Dual Degree Process.
  5. Students can choose an alliance University from the USA, Asia or Central America depending on their disciplines. So, you can study at home, in the comfort of your living room or office, or even as you are on the move as a busy executive; yet you gain a respected qualification from a country you have never visited. Thank God for the gift of ICT which has changed the world in every way including education and learning. Distance is dead.
  6. In addition, Commonwealth University students who desire to go through on-campus study experience for short seminars away from home may apply for such break away study programmes. The Commonwealth University, through its UK Partner School, i.e., the London Graduate School, is able to bring non-European Union visitors to the UK on student visitor visas. The University has held seminars for its students in locations such as Switzerland, England, South Africa, USA, Dubai, Ethiopia, Ghana and Scotland. On-campus study and seminar programmes are optional and they attract separate fees from the tuition that Commonwealth University students pay for their degree programmes.
  7. The Commonwealth University Alliance Partner for the USA Department of Education recognized University leads to the award of a dual degree from a CHEA sanctioned Accreditation. The CHEA stands for the Council forHigher Education Accreditation. It is the foremost US accreditation regulation body whose services impact over 3000 universities. Visitchea.orgfor more information on CHEA.
  8. One of our Partner Universities in Central America is a highly rated (ranked) University in its home country. It ranked No.11 in its home country on certain criteria and ranked 188 globally in a ranking exercise involving 11,307 universities from 200 countries.
  9. Through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the processes of the Commonwealth University by the respective Ministry of Education recognized and UNESCO listed universities, the CUB is constantly kept on its toes to ensure that its standards continually meet global expectations.
  10. As the Degree Validation is not a carte blanche status, being that each student work shall be assessed on a case-by-case basis, the Commonwealth University is gingered and inspired to ensure that the quality of each student’s work is maintained and sustained above board.
  11. To leverage its online trust profile, the Commonwealth University has purchased a small campus building where small seminars are held and where prospective learners can make physical contact as desired. The campus building is approved by UK authorities as a premises where coaching for business, seminars and workshops can be organized.

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